Build the Future

Lofelt builds state-of-the-art haptic technologies for iOS and Android developers and creatives.

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Be Exceptional

Excellence is the key to inventing high-quality products and delivering exceptional service. Building on this higher purpose improves the outcomes in all facets of our business.

Be inquisitive

Be Inquisitive

Possibility and optimism guide our work. Ideas become reality by asking the right questions, anticipating issues and solving problems creatively. We owe it to you to never stop learning.

Be confident

Be Confident

Standing firmly behind the quality of a team’s work requires trust. Our success is built on listening and feedback, supporting and teaching one another.

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Be Sustainable

Success through an entrepreneurial spirit that responsibly balances risks and returns guides our business. We drive value for shareholders by prioritizing long-term success over short-term gains.


A sense of trust and team spirit permeates our culture — in fact, it's key to our success.



Work is only fun if it makes you satisfied. We love where we work and we think you will too. We encourage our team to make personal happiness and satisfaction a priority in their lives.

Team Spirit


Our culture is defined by our team. We work together, learn together, and succeed together. “Values fit” is at the core of our hiring process and we are committed to an open and diverse work environment.


Incredible Support

We offer relocation support when moving to Berlin — from finding a flat, getting visas, or visiting the Bürgeramt for the first time. Our amazing team is there for you!


Real Trust

We trust each other to get the job done. Manage your own time, give and receive honest feedback and play a role in growing the business. Every employee has a stake in the business.


Healthy Environment

A healthy body compliments a happy mind. That is why we give everyone access to fresh fruit, healthy snacks and additional health insurance.

Pet sounds

Pet Sounds

Winslow, Kerlchen and Luca are the office guard dogs, and also double as the Chief Snack Officers. Cuteness overload guaranteed.