Welcome to Lofelt Studio Beta

We are excited to share the first version of Lofelt Studio, a suite of creative tools for designing, testing, and implementing advanced haptics across multiple platforms.

Until now, designing haptics has been difficult and time consuming. Studio aims to be more accessible to developers and designers, enabling them to create remarkable tactile experiences, faster.

Studio follows a design once-play many approach — tactile effects created with Studio will feel great on any supported platform. Studio currently works on iOS 13, with more platforms coming in 2020.

How the Beta Works

To join the Beta community, click the Join the Beta button at the top of the page, enter and confirm your email, then download Studio and the Composer App.

The Beta download contains:
-Composer Pro (Mac/Win) — for creating haptics from audio files
-iOS Framework — for adding haptic playback to your application

The Composer App, used to audition and test haptics, can be downloaded directly from the iOS App Store.

To learn more about how Studio works, go to Lofelt Studio Documentation.

What Happens After the Beta Ends?

Lofelt Studio is free for the entire Beta period. After the Beta is closed, you will have several options, including switching to a free license or subscribing to one of our paid licenses for as low as 49€/month/seat. If you sign up for the Beta in July or August, we will extend the free license for an additional 3 months.

You may use Studio for any commercial or non-commercial projects.

For all other inquiries, including pricing and licensing terms click here.