Design Features

Get Creative with Haptic Design

Quickly design advanced tactile effects for iOS and Android – no coding required. Powerful, familiar design features will keep your mobile development workflows fast and efficient.

Get Started

Customize Your Haptics

Create advanced haptic effects from any standard audio file in seconds, then use the visual interface to customize the results with non-destructive editing workflows.

Collaborate on Haptic Design Reviews

Include your remote peers in haptic design reviews using Studio and the Studio mobile app. Audition and send your haptic designs to the team using a QR code – for instant feedback and quick iteration.

Simple Haptic Authoring Workflow

Studio is where haptic authoring begins. Using the Studio desktop app, you can author haptic clips which can immediately be auditioned with the Studio mobile app — no need to build your application to test your haptic designs.

Design Once. Deploy Many.

Design haptics that are fully-compatible with an increasing number of devices and platforms thanks to the Studio hardware-agnostic .HAPTIC format.

Add Haptics to Any Content in Real-Time

Instantly synthesize haptics for any music, sound effect, or user-generated content stream with Lofelt Studio real-time audio-to-haptic conversion.

“Lofelt Studio is exactly what I was looking for to create haptics for my games. When playing Circulous, and it feels like you’re on a train, people think it’s really fun and unexpected. It’s great to see what you can now do with haptics on a mobile phone.”
Brayden Gogis, Creator of Circulous

Studio Design Features

Process Audio with a Powerful Audio Analyzer

Set analysis parameters and quickly process your audio, capturing granular, editable details, such as amplitude and frequency.

Edit Haptics with a Graphical Interface

Refine the feel of your haptic clips by editing envelopes using familiar audio application workflows.

Audition and Share Your Haptics

Use the Studio mobile app to instantly audition your work, then share your QR code with colleagues to collaborate and review.

Save and Resume Your Work

Save your work in our designed interface and revisit at any time to make further edits or adjustments.